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Further 02

This is the second edition of further, the annual publication of the fotobus society
, which is a cultural and social offer for all students of photography, design, film, art and media.
I was part of the design team, mainly working on typography and the general layout of the book.

further 02 was made by Florian Dürkopp, Elena Fiebig, Florian Genz, Aurélien Guillery, Pia Henkel, Paula Hornickel, Michelle Jekel, Aliona Kardash, Nele Schulze, Lea Szramek, Magnus Terhorst and Lukas Zander of the fotobus Publication Team with help from Christoph Bangert, Jan Borreck, Nils Heck, Josh Kern and Jule Wild

Edited by Florian Genz, Lea Szramek, Michelle Jekel, Magnus Terhorst, Aurélien Guillery, Elena Fiebig, Aliona Kardash, Florian Dürkopp

Paper: Sappi Atelier 260 g/m2 – MagnoMatt 135 g/m2
Typefaces: Unknown by Lukas Haider & Alexander Raffl / Moderat by Tightype

Published by Verlag Kettler, Dortmund, 2020